Grammar Awareness

Module code: ED7044

Grammar consists of choices available to users of the language to express their meanings. Whether you already have a very good grounding in English grammar, or feel that your grammar knowledge is lacking, this course is an opportunity to develop your conscious knowledge about how English grammar works. You will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to use and understand grammar concepts and terminology, to predict and understand your students’ grammar problems, to explain grammar when/if it is needed, to answer students’ questions, and to evaluate the linguistic challenges presented by texts and tasks you use in your own classroom.

The module consists of lectures and workshops, plus tasks and a range of other materials for independent study available in our Blackboard virtual learning environment (VLE). In the workshops you will explore grammar through 'consciousness raising' tasks on authentic texts with your peers (in small groups), giving you the opportunity to reflect on approaches to teaching grammar in your own classroom.

Topics covered

  • Sentences and clauses
  • The noun phrase
  • Adjectives and adjective phrases
  • Adverbs and adverbials
  • Tense and aspect
  • Modality and conditionals
  • Complex clauses and information packaging


  • 7 hours of lectures
  • 7 hours of seminars


  • Grammar test, 3 hours (100%)