Continuing Professional Development for English Language Teachers

Module code: ED7022

In this module you will consider the differing ways that language teachers can develop in the course of their professional lives. We will look at how teachers change during their careers and consider various ways that have been devised to help teachers to learn, to remain motivated and to avoid burn-out, and to continue to inspire their learners. We will also look at specific strategies and activities that you can use to keep yourself professionally alive and growing.

We will discuss the rationale behind a range of practitioner research models, including reflective practice, cooperative development, action research and exploratory practice, and also study how to implement them. We will also explore the role of peer observation and mentoring, learning conversations, teacher development groups and professional associations in supporting CPD for language teaching professionals. And we will consider the pressures on language teachers in their careers and the reasons for and dangers of teacher burn-out, and be aware of strategies for dealing with them

Topics covered

  • Models of teacher development
  • Teacher thinking and decision making
  • The nature of teacher expertise
  • Specific development activities, including peer observation and mentoring
  • Practitioner research, including action research, reflective practice, lesson study and exploratory practice


  • 7 hours of lectures
  • 7 hours of seminars


  • Report, 3,000 words (100%)