Labour Economics

Module code: EC3091

As we all start getting older jobs, careers and finances start to take up a big portion of our lives. Labour economics focuses on the supply and demand of the job market where employers form the demand and the employee form the supply. Some of the real world issues that labour economics aims to address include policies that have been put into place that affect the job market such as:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • National minimum wage 
  • Laws and legislation protecting employers and employee

This module will also look at how reforms in social, economic and political policies have influenced these real world issues. Technological advancement and migration are some key elements that have had a massive impact on the labour market and in this module you will look at what policies have been proposed to try and deal with these issues.


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 5 hours of tutorials
  • 125 hours of guided independent study


  • Exam (50%)
  • Coursework (25%)
  • Mid-term test (25%)