Human Rights, Justice and Security

Module code: CR7585

Module co-ordinator: Dr Eleanor Gordon

This module reflects upon the importance of human rights in promoting peace, security and justice. You will analyse the relationship between human rights, justice and security, before outlining some of the typical human rights violations associated with countries in conflict, emerging from conflict or vulnerable to it. You will examine issues such as the principles of equality and non-discrimination, as well as concepts of vulnerability and exclusion. Particular attention will be given to the insecurities suffered by women, children and other vulnerable or marginalised groups in conflict and post-conflict societies. The module will conclude by considering mechanisms to promote protection of human rights and access to justice, focusing especially on juvenile justice in post-conflict societies.

Topics covered

  • Human Rights and Justice in International Relations
  • International Human Rights Law and the Law of Armed Conflict
  • Human Rights Violations: Causes and Consequences of Conflict
  • Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in Post-Conflict Environments
  • Gender, Security and Justice
  • Children, Security and Justice


This module is studied by distance learning and will include:

  • reading course materials
  • reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • independent study
  • written assignment


  • E-tivity (20%)
  • Written paper, 3,500 words (80%)