Alternative Justice

Module code: CR3022

Proven re-offending rates demonstrate that traditional methods of punishment in our criminal justice system do not rehabilitate or encourage offenders to address the harm caused by their actions. Within this module particular focus is placed upon non-traditional forms of justice, examining how less rigid forms of punishment provide a voice to those affected by crime.

The challenges faced by these alternative forms of justice (by those in power, the general public and the offenders themselves) will also be explored more critically. You’ll be given an opportunity to explore best international practice as well as consider what has not previously worked.

By taking this module you’ll examine the effectiveness of criminal justice agencies responses to offending, and you’ll develop knowledge of how non-traditional forms of justice consider social harms. By doing so you'll be able to assess the challenges alternative forms of justice face in terms of reducing harms. You’ll also get the opportunity to creatively communicate your thoughts and ideas in the form of a podcast.


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 9 hours of seminars
  • 0.5 hour tutorial
  • 120.5 hours of guided independent study


  • Workshop participation (20%)
  • Podcast, 10 minutes (80%)