Introduction to Research Methods

Module code: CR2515

Module co-ordinator: Tracey Dodman

The role of security managers often requires them to carry out small-scale investigations in the workplace on a range of diverse matters, so understanding how research can be conducted is invaluable in helping them to meet this task. In this module you will explore the research process by considering exactly what 'research' is, the importance of research, how to carry out a literature search and how different types of research can be conducted.

We will identify common problems associated with literature searching and look at how to write a literature review by reading and critiquing other relevant material. We will also consider different types of primary research, including quantitative and qualitative approaches, and examines the ethical and practical considerations involved in preparing and undertaking such research.

Topics covered

  • Studying research methods
  • Introduction to literature searching
  • How to read and critique research
  • Research within an ethical framework


This module is studied by distance learning. 


  • Essay, 3,000 words (100%)