Information Technology and Security

Module code: CR2513

Module co-ordinator: Tracey Dodman

Information technology is continually expanding and becoming more related to the role of security and risk management. In this module you will study information technologies, the role of information systems in contemporary organisations and the types of vulnerability that need to be managed. We will explore the concepts of information technologies and systems by looking at hardware and software components; networks and the internet; data, information and knowledge (including databases, data warehousing and data mining); and the role of information systems in contemporary organisations.

We will also examine the vulnerabilities and threats relating to information systems and how they can be managed, such as exploring the use of hardware and software security; access controls and authorisation; and security software and encryption. Finally, we will discuss the broader issues of information security managers and their relationship with organisational practices as well as the relevant standards and legislation.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to information technologies and systems
  • Information systems vulnerabilities and threats
  • Managing vulnerabilities and threats
  • Information security management


This module is studied by distance learning. 


  • Professional and Personal Development Planning exercise (5%)
  • Essay, 3,000 words (95%)