Security Management and Business Continuity

Module code: CR2512

Module co-ordinator: Tracey Dodman

Risk assessment, management and business continuity planning are central to the functioning of any organisation and thus key to the role of a security officer and manager. In this module we will examine how risk can be analysed, managed and recovered from within varying organisational contexts. We will consider the risks and crises that can arise within the workplace and must be dealt with by the security manager, and also some less likely but more catastrophic disasters that cannot be foreseen or prevented. We will examine the notion of risk as a quantifiable entity along with the varying approaches to risk assessment before ending with a consideration of risk management and the main principles underpinning the planning process to ensure business continuity.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to organisational context
  • Risk, crisis and disaster
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk and business continuity management


This module is studied by distance learning. 


  • Risk assessment, 1,200 words (40%)
  • Risk management plan, 1,200 words (40%)
  • Communication brief, 500 words (20%)