Advanced Policing: Theory, Policy and Practice

Module code: CR2013

Module co-ordinator: Dr Rob Mawby

While recognising that policing has become increasingly fragmented, in this module we will concentrate on the public police and the challenges facing police forces in Britain. In the context of the ongoing police reform agenda - and acknowledging the political, social and ethical pressures for change that have converged on policing - each week we will focus on specific areas of policing, examining these from theoretical, policy and practical perspectives.

Topics covered

  • Police accountability
  • Policing strategies and styles
  • Police workforce modernisation
  • The police reform programme
  • Criminal investigation
  • Managing the police
  • The policing of terrorism
  • Ethical policing, police corruption and corruption prevention strategies
  • Police communications (corporate and direct communication, police-media relations, media representations)
  • Comparative policing
  • Protest and policing
  • Trajectories of policing


  • 9 two-hour lectures
  • 9 one-hour seminars


  • Essay, 4,000 words (100%)