Requirements Engineering and Professional Practice

Module code: CO1008

Most software written within the IT industry is created to solve problems within some organisation or group of users, or to provide new possibilities for users. The success of IT projects relies heavily on understanding the domain in which software is used, and what the software must do (and not do) to provide users with what they need. The process of gaining this understanding and documenting it in a way that helps everyone to understand it is call ‘Requirements Engineering’.

In this module you will investigate the role that requirements engineering plays in all projects, and the techniques and outcomes that are applied to ensure success.

Well-managed requirements engineering is often a hallmark of a professionally run project. We'll also cover other aspects of professionalism in software development, and how professional bodies and laws play an important role.

Throughout the module, security will be used as a recurring example of an important aspect of software that needs to be considered from the outset, touching on many other aspects of a professional project.


  • 13 hours of lectures
  • 9 hours of seminars
  • 78 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (100%)