Advanced Forensic Science

Module code: CH4212

During your previous three years of your MChem, you will have explored the application of scientific and chemical principles and methods to criminal and civil investigations commonly known as forensic science. This module will go into more depth than previously, including a focus on judicial and police frameworks, end-to-end exploration of the investigation and legal process and the role of a forensic archaeologist.

You'll look at topics such as trial rules of evidence admissibility, inferences about "facts" and "evidence", legal relevance, direct and circumstantial evidence, burdens and standards of proof, and forensic toxicology. You'll also critique the contributions of scientific analysis to aspects of specialist investigations.

You'll learn about the judicial and police frameworks in the UK and look at the role of expert forensic witnesses, archaeological methodology and forensic archaeology within these. In addition, the correct organisation and evaluation of pieces of forensic evidence is critical to the success of an investigation, and you'll delve deeper into best practice.

Plus, you'll discuss and critically analyse the role and limitations of various investigative techniques for solving forensic problems.


  • 22 hours of lectures
  • 128 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (60%)
  • Exam, 1 ½ hours (40%)