Methods, Techniques and Skills

Module code: CH0063

During your undergraduate study, you'll utilise a variety of different academic methods and techniques. You'll write essays, work in groups and individually, use specific software, source and communicate chemical information and keep records, amongst others. You may not have a great deal of experience of aspects of this from your previous studies, and that's why we've developed this module. It encompasses a wide array of subject areas that you'll encounter during your degree.

Topics covered

  • Working individually or as part of a team to carry out set tasks and solve problems related to chemistry, including the role of chemistry in the modern world
  • Working effectively in a laboratory environment as part of a team and individually
  • How to use specific software (such as ChemDraw, Excel and PowerPoint) in chemistry-related scenarios to solve chemical problems and/or communicate chemical information
  • Employability skills and reflection on your skills, identifying areas of strength and weakness
  • The use of various sources to find chemical information and assess the limitations/reliability of these information sources
  • Good academic practice, how to avoid plagiarism and the reporting of science by the media
  • Keeping accurate records of scientific observations and using them to write reports
  • Communicating chemical information in formats appropriate to a variety of audiences


  • 40 hours of lectures
  • 20 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 240 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (100%)