Module code: PL7595

Module co-ordinator: Dr Philip Lynch

Module Outline

This module examines the rise and significance of Euroscepticism. It is comparative, exploring opposition to the European Union and European integration in ‘old’ and ‘new’ Member States. The module begins by exploring the growth of Euroscepticism and assessing the utility of different definitions and typologies of Euroscepticism. It then examines Euroscepticism in political parties, public opinion, referendums on European integration and elections to the European Parliament, and in civil society. Sessions on the United Kingdom and Central and Eastern Europe provide detailed studies of Euroscepticism in selected Member States. Finally, the module examines Euroscepticism in the institutions of the EU.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching will be delivered through the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - Blackboard - which allows for a range of innovative and engaging teaching techniques to be used, such as online presentation, podcasts, interactive message boards and Wikis, as well as one-to-one contact through conventional channels. 


  • 25 one-hour tutorials


  • Journal article analysis (20%)
  • Essay (80%)