Gender in Global Perspective

Module code: PL7531

Module Outline

This module investigates the ways in which gender matters to the structures, practices and theorising of global politics. It critically interrogates core concepts in the study of international politics and international relations – including war, security and peace, globalization, human rights, and democracy and governance - from the perspective of gender. It also examines a range of contemporary case studies – including the War on Terror, the global financial crisis, and the global sex trade – and evaluates how feminist approaches can contribute to our understanding of these issues. Finally, the module explores how global and local institutions of politics and governance may be designed or reformed to address gender inequality and promote gender justice.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching will be delivered through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Blackboard - this allows for a range of innovative and engaging teaching techniques to be used such as online presentations, podcasts, interactive message boards and Wikis, as well as one-to-one contact through conventional channels. 


  • Journal article analysis (20%)
  • Essay (80%)