Diplomatic Systems

Module code: PL7502

Module co-ordinator: Dr Helen Dexter

Module Outline

The general aims of this module are to examine (a) the conditions in which diplomacy is stimulated, (b) the nature of the different diplomatic systems that arise as a result of variations in these conditions, and (c) how the effectiveness of a diplomatic system is best judged. It then proceeds by looking first at diplomacy operation in various historical and contemporary case studies. Including the 'French system' of diplomacy, that is, the diplomatic system of Europe from the seventeenth century until the First World War, as well as a detailed examination of the Anglo-American system of Diplomacy.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Teaching will be delivered through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Blackboard - this allows for a range of innovative and engaging teaching techniques to be used such as online presentations, podcasts, interactive message boards and Wikis, as well as one-to-one contact through conventional channels. 


  • Journal article analysis (20%)
  • Essay (80%)