Quantum Mechanics

Module code: PA3210
Module co-ordinator: Dr Mervyn Roy

This module builds on your studies of quantum physics in your first and second years to a deeper understanding of modern quantum mechanics. You will learn how to solve the equations to predict the wave-like properties of matter in simple 1D and 3D systems that give insight into physical situations important for atomic-physics, device-physics and nanotechnology.

You will learn about electron spin, angular momentum and the matrix representation of quantum mechanics. During this module we will also investigate the approximate methods for solving quantum problems that are the keystone to modern computational approaches to quantum physics.

Topics covered

  • Quantum tunnelling
  • Solution of the Schrödinger equation in 1D and 3D systems
  • Hydrogen-like atoms
  • Quantum operators
  • Spin and angular momentum
  • Approximate methods in quantum mechanics


  • 24 hours of lectures
  • 3 hours of seminars
  • 8 hours of practicals/workshops
  • 115 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (30%)
  • Exam (70%)