Experimental Physics 2

Module code: PA2900
Module co-ordinator: Dr Steve Baker

Building on the laboratory physics that you studied in your first year, this module will further develop your experimental skills and problem solving abilities which are an important part of the Institute of Physics ‘core of physics’ material relating to experimental physics.

You will take part in supervised lab sessions – where you will perform a range of practical experiments – and workshop classes for electronics and scientific computing, as well as attending lectures. To assist your lab studies you will receive specifically-developed laboratory scripts for the various activities. You will also study, through lectures and practical computing workshops, the scientific method and the basic tools for handling scientific data.

During this module you will develop your experimental skills and problem solving abilities, your data handling and computing expertise, as well as your report writing skills, all of which are essential for the projects you will work on in your third year.


  • 8 hours of lectures
  • 18 hours of practicals/workshops
  • 66 hours of supervised lab classes
  • 208 hours of guided independent study


  • Core Physics experiments (50%)
  • Group research projects (20%)
  • Scientific Inference and computing (20%)
  • Electronics workshop (10%)