Objects and Collections: Care, Management and Curation

Module code: MU7016

Module co-ordinator: Dr Sandra Dudley

This module looks inside the museum (and related institutions) to consider collections and objects. Beginning with objects, collections and collecting, and how they have been influenced by changing ideas and approaches, this module challenges you to critically engage with objects and their lives, contexts and values, and think about the different ways in which objects can be understood and experienced. Throughout, this involves consideration of how to handle, work with, pack and transport objects, and will guide you into the development of critical understanding of the principles and practice of collections management and collections care. You will also explore, and are expected to relate other aspects of the module, the issues around ownership and rights in objects and collections, including human remains, restitution and repatriation, intellectual property and sacred objects. This module will also help you to build your knowledge and understanding within the context of an increasing awareness of relevant challenges and opportunities, and disciplinary and professional areas within the museum. During this module you will be involved in many creative, practical, hands-on and team-based elements as well as learning from lectures and online materials.

Topics covered

  • Objects and collections
  • Engaging with and experiencing objects
  • Ownership and rights
  • Collections care
  • Collections management


Learning is through a combination of lectures, seminars, practicals/workshops, demonstrations, tutorials, and individual study.


  • essay, 2,000-2,500 words
  • proposal, 2,000-2,500 words