New Media, Online Persuasion and Behavioural Change

Module code: MS7103

Module co-ordinator: Dr Giuseppe Veltri

Module Outline

New media are changing the way how we look for, store and share information but also how we take decisions about both as citizens and consumers. More and more scholars are studying online behaviour in terms of the impact that new media have on individual cognition, processes of social influence and how they can be used to alter people's behaviour. This course provides an introduction to the understanding of the central issues in this domain using psychological and social theories. Such applied and specific studying of the psychological and social dimensions of new media as a wide range of applications in both the social sciences as well as marketing and consumer research, social and advocacy campaigns and more.


  • 10 one-hour lectures


  • Portfolio, 1,000 words (30%)
  • Essay, 2,500 words (70%)