Documentary Production

Module code: MS2003
Module co-ordinator: Verity Milligan

Module outline

This module will give you practical experience of programme-making coupled with a deeper critical understanding of the production process. Working in a small group will individual roles, you will set up your own production, working within a tight schedule. You will be taught the necessary skills to make sure that you can use the equipment provided effectively and will be supported through the editing process, culminating in the creation of a final product of three to five minutes in length which will be uploaded onto YouTube.

During the creation of your video, you will write a comprehensive production diary documenting your endeavours. After completion, you will reflect on the production process, from both an individual and group perspective, in the form of a reflective essay.

Topics covered

  • Formulation of narrative/documentary ideas
  • Pre-production process
  • Training in camera, sound, lighting and editing skills
  • Filming and editing of final idea
  • Critical analysis of production process


  • 13 hours of lectures
  • 5 hours of seminars
  • 2 hours of tutorials
  • 10 hours of project supervision
  • 20 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 50 hours of guided independent study
  • 50 hours of fieldwork


  • Group documentary, 3-5 minutes (50%)
  • Essay, 2,000 words (50%)