Managing Knowledge in Organisations

Module code: MN310

The management of knowledge is an important theme for business and management academia. We are told we live in a knowledge intensive age and work in a knowledge economy yet live in a society where fake news has recently become a social issue. So, what might ‘knowledge’ be? In this module we will explore what we mean by knowledge, how we manage it, how it may affect us and how it is potentially related to other phenomena.

Topics covered

  • What do we know:
    • What is knowledge and what is knowledge management
    • Scientific knowledge, perfect and partial knowledge, the fragmentation of knowledge
    • What do we not know and non-knowledge 
  • How do we know something:
    • Knowledge, control, ideology, propaganda, normativity
    • Secrets, lies, silence
    • Language, culture and identity
    • Networks and relationships, networks versus relationships


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 8 hours of seminars
  • 122 hours of guided independent study


  • Essay (100%)