Consecutive Interpreting

Module code: ML2005
Module co-ordinator: TBC

Module Outline

This module will guide students through their basic consecutive interpreting skills with intensive practice of public speaking, memory enhancement, note-taking, anticipated listening and other relevant skills required for consecutive interpreting. Students will learn to articulate complex ideas clearly and accurately in public. They will learn to locate and leverage background knowledge related to an interpreting assignment and interpret short intervals of monologue speeches both into and out of English.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:
  • Present complex ideas clearly and articulately in public
  • Locate and leverage relevant terminology and background resources to the interpreting task
  • Apply a set of note-taking conventions of their choice during consecutive interpreting
  • Produce short intervals of target language utterances of monologue speeches in consecutive interpreting


  • 20 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 180 hours of guided independent study

This module is taught in weekly workshops in which students' consecutive interpreting skills will be enhanced through the practice of public speaking, memory enhancement, note-taking, anticipated listening and consecutive interpreting skills. Formative feedback will be given in class on their practices and performances. Students are strongly advised to form a study group practising and commenting on each other's performances. This mutual rapport will help them to fine-tune their interpreting skills.

Assessment Methods

  • Public speaking task, 15 minutes (35%)
  • Consecutive interpreting task, 15 minutes (65%)