MSc Laboratory Research Project in Infection and Immunity

Module code: MB7306

One of the most attractive features of the MSc in Infection and Immunity (both to students and to potential employers) is the independent laboratory research project which runs for a full six months from mid-January through to the end of July in the second semester of the course.

Drawing on the theoretical and practical principles learned from the taught modules, students will be shown how to apply modern research techniques to an important laboratory-based research problem supervised by an experienced member of the University’s academic staff. Towards the end of Semester 1 they will have the opportunity to choose a short-list of their preferred projects from a varied list of current research in the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation and in other research-active departments of the University. Through an Erasmus Exchange Scheme, a small number of projects are also offered in partner Universities in Nantes and Rennes in France.

Following the experimental phase of the project, students will then write up their results in the format of a dissertation, guided by their supervisor. Recent projects by MSc Infection and Immunity students have led to publications in referred journals.

The project is an ideal preparation for students wishing to proceed to a PhD programme in the fields of infection and immunity, and offers a great opportunity to enhance their employability as a biomedical scientist

Recent projects have included:

  • The microbiomics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Studies on action of new drug candidates for the treatment of invasive pneumococcal diseases
  • Growth arrest, neutral lipid content and antibiotic tolerance in mycobacteria
  • Studies on phase variable restriction-modification systems on resistance of Haemophilus influenzae to infection by bacteriophage
  • Identification and characterisation of novel bacterial transferring and lactoferrin binding protein(s)


  • 20 hours of seminars
  • 20 hours of project supervision
  • 730 hours of supervised laboratory research
  • 430 of independent study


  • Dissertation, 15,000 words (55%)
  • Research poster (10%)
  • Lab performance assessment (35%)