Introduction to Techniques in Molecular Genetics and Data Analysis

Module code: MB7211
Module co-ordinator: Dr Fred Tata 

Module Outline

In this module students will learn about modern experimental techniques from lectures and will also perform experimental procedures including subcloning in plasmids, controlling nucleic acid hybridization, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing and the bioinformatic analysis of sequence data. In a series of laboratory investigations they will use these techniques to characterise bacterial genome variation, determine human genotypes, test gene expression, identify transposon insertion sites and compare protein expression levels. Assessment of the module is based on written analyses of the laboratory experimental investigations and interpretation of the resulting data.


  • 12 hours of lectures
  • 2 hours of seminars
  • 115 hours of practicals/workshops
  • 6 hours of tutorials tutorials
  • 165 hours of guided independent study


  • 4 Experimental and data analysis (25% each)