Transnational Corporate Governance

Module code: LW7259

Module co-ordinator: Dr Horace Yeung

Module Outline

Corporate governance is concerned with the internal and external roles and relationships in a corporation including shareholders, managers, employees, creditors and consumers. This module critically examines the theoretical debates and doctrines of corporate governance as well as regulatory responses to various corporate crises. The module is a thematic approach to corporate governance and focuses on the causes of and possible solutions to different agency problems, goals of a corporation and mechanisms for protecting the interests of various stakeholders. These mechanisms include but not limited to board subcommittees, institutional shareholders, intermediaries as gatekeepers, etc. The module has a global context and draws on rules, practices, and materials from different national jurisdictions and international institutions rather than focusing on a particular jurisdiction.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Assess different expectations and problems facing companies and stakeholders in corporate governance
  • Evaluate the causes of some representative corporate scandals and critique the corresponding regulatory responses
  • Identify different types of requirements stipulated in various corporate regulations/rules/codes and critique their effectiveness
  • Discuss the cross-country differences (e.g. ownership structure) in corporate environment and the resulting regulatory implications
  • Develop their communication skills through seminar discussions and writing of research papers
  • Undertake sustained and systematic independent research that analyses, critiques and synthesises different views using a range of primary and secondary sources

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures, seminars, private study, and Blackboard VLE.

Assessment Methods

Research paper not exceeding 5,000 words including the footnotes.