Law of Evidence

Module code: LW3420

Module co-ordinator: John Hartshorne

Module outline

This module examines the rules that regulate the admissibility of evidence in a criminal or civil trial. Rules of evidence occupy a central role in the protection of a defendant's human rights within the criminal justice system. Students will be required to apply the rules that they have learnt to fictional problems, and will be encouraged to identify those areas where the current rules are inadequate.

Topics covered

  • The burden and standard of proof
  • Confessions and inferences from the accused’s silence
  • The questioning of witnesses and special measures for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses
  • Evidence of character
  • Identification evidence
  • Illegally and improperly obtained evidence
  • Hearsay evidence
  • Expert evidence


  • 41 one-hour lectures
  • 8 one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, three hours (100%)

Excluded Combinations

  • Not available to Semester only Visiting Students.