Intellectual Property Law

Module code: LW3380

Module co-ordinator: Barbara Bogusz

Module Outline

Intellectual Property Law comprises the law dealing with creations of the human mind in a wide sense. Intellectual Property Rights are exclusive (property) rights which govern the use and protection of these creations, i.e. these rights regulate the creation, use, exploitation of mental and creative labour. The most important IP rights which this module examines are: Patents (protection of a new technical invention); Trade Marks (signs, names, logos, badges of trade etc, to protect the goodwill of the product/enterprise going with them); Copyright (primarily the protection of ‘cultural’ creations of the human mind, and especially of creations with some artistic aspect to it: literary and artistic works, music, but also films, broadcasts, computer programs); and Designs. Intellectual Property law has a great practical importance in the areas of the engineering and pharmaceutical sectors (patents) and the entertainment and computer/software industries, but also in virtually any commercial activity which typically involves issues of branding (trade marks), passing off and the use of the internet (copyright) for advertising and sales.


  • 40 one-hour lectures
  • Eight one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, two hours (75%)
  • Essay, 2,500 words (25%)

Excluded Combinations

  • Not available to Semester only Visiting Students