Equity and Trusts

Module code: LW3370

Module co-ordinator: Steve Evans

Module Outline

When a person wishes to benefit others, whether they are individuals, charities or simply 'causes', he or she may use the machinery of a 'trust'. In this module we look at the making and breaking of trusts, and at the position and duties of trustees.

On completion of this module, students will be equipped to:

  • Identify and explain the distinctive nature of the equitable jurisdiction and its continuing impact upon English law, both generally and with reference to discrete areas of law
  • Detail the requirements for creating a valid trust, and analyse and evaluate the obligations and duties that arise from this; particularly those of the trustee
  • Analyse and identify the various situations in which trusts occur informally and comment critically on the law that governs these areas
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills, written skills, and oral skills of presentation and negotiation through applying the law to case studies 


  • 38 one-hour lectures
  • 8 one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, three hours (100%)