Community, Conflict and Change in England and Wales from the late 17th century to the early 19th century

Module code: HS7129

Module co-ordinator: Peter King

Module Outline

This module explores a range of core issues that affected local communities in England and Wales as they went through a period of fundamental economic and social transformations between 1680 and the 1830s. It looks at structures of power and at gender relations, at the contrasting experiences of rich and poor, at changing traditions of protest and at crime and justice. It also focuses on how local communities were governed, on local-central relationships, and involves case studies of two contrasting regions - London and Cornwall.


The module is delivered in 10 x 3 hour sessions. Each session comprises an interactive lecture/seminar. Primary source material relevant to each session will be circulated in advance to enable students to prepare for these discussions. Each session will have its own dedicated reading list. An individual tutorial of up to one hour is offered to each student to supervise their research project. Themes broached in these sessions will be further examined and reinforced during a Saturday field school.


  • Book review of a monograph relevant to the module, (2,500 word limit)
  • One research project out of a choice of six project options (5,000 word limit)