Approaches to Textual Analysis

Module code: HA7203

Module Outline

This module examines different approaches to the formal analysis of film texts, including both individual films and groups of films. Students will analyse the complex formal and ideological processes at work in the creation of meaning and consider different theoretical approaches including authorship, genre, structuralism and semiotics.

Intended Learning Outcomes

This module is intended to equip students with: knowledge of a range of different approaches to the formal analysis of individual films and groups of films, including but not limited to theories of aesthetics, ideology, authorship and genre; understanding of the complex formal, cultural and ideological processes that produce meaning within the film text; knowledge of the key critical literature dealing with the textual analysis of films and the ability to engage critically with that literature; and the ability to demonstrate skills of close textual analysis in relation to both whole films and extracts.


  • 10 hours of seminars
  • 140 hours of guided independent study


  • Sequence Analysis, 3,000 words (100%)