Global Geopolitical Economy

Module code: GY2154

Module co-ordinator: Dr Ben Coles 

Module Outline

This module provides a thorough overview of the global economic and political system. It traces the emergence of the ‘global economy’ from variety of spatial and temporal scales; it assesses the ways in which global economies interrelate with global political systems, and it examines the ways in which economic and political systems are approached within Human Geography. The module draws on a case studies from key ‘regions’ and key economic sectors to provide a comprehensive and critical analyses of the processes that lead to and resist economic ‘globalization’.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, typical students should be able to:

  • Explain the evolution of the global economic system and critique the notions of 'globalization' and 'neoliberalism.'
  • Use the global production network approach to examine contemporary developments in some of the key sectors in the global economy
  • Use the world systems approach to examine the dynamics of some of the key 'regions' in the global political and economic system
  • Distinguish the difference between 'government' and 'governance' and explain the challenges that globalisation poses to 'nation states' and the variety of responses that have emerged at both the supranational and sub-national scales
  • Explain the challenges of 'global governance' and the sources of resistance to the current global economic order

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures; Tutorials; Surgeries; Directed Reading; Problem Solving Classes and Independent Study.


  • Individual book review (students have a choice of materials from which to draw): (50%)
  • Exam: (50%)