Social and Cultural Geographies

Module code: GY2152

Module co-ordinator: Professor Loretta Lees 

In this module you will look at the spatialities (socially constructed spaces) of society and culture, focusing on space and place (eg. cities, neighbourhoods, public  spaces, the body, etc) in relation to social and/or cultural issues. We will investigate the construction of social inequalities, gender, sexuality, young people; as well as everyday life, production and consumption, identity, community, and so on. We will cover the strong intellectual contribution that social and cultural geographers have made to critical human geography – a geography that is critical of the world around us and seeks social justice for all.

This module include a field trip looking at gentrification in London and Leicester.

Topics covered

  • Landscape and its social construction
  • Representations of landscape
  • Making urban space
  • Gendering space
  • Embodiment and identity in space
  • Geographies of young people
  • Space, power and social justice


  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Field trip


  • Essay (50%)
  • Exam (50%)