Core Concepts in Human Geography

Module code: GY1011

Module co-ordinator: Dr Gavin Brown

In this module you will use key terms such as place, space, spatiality and scale to study a range of factors that are central to contemporary geographical research - including age, sexuality, urban geography and migration. Drawing on current news items and policy debates, we will consider how geographers offer an important and unique perspective for understanding current affairs and the contemporary world. We will discuss how geographers interpret the world, and especially the spatial characteristics of social, cultural, political and economic processes.

Topics covered

  • Spatial concepts: how human geographers think about space, place, scale and other key terms.
  • Social categories and difference: how geographers have thought spatially about social and cultural categories such as gender, ethnicity and social class.
  • Geographical challenges: applying these concepts to key social and political issues facing the contemporary world.


  • Lectures


  • Short answer test (25%)
  • Exam (75%)