First Year Tutorials

Module code: GL1100
Module co-ordinator: Dr Sarah Lee

We believe that students benefit significantly from small group teaching, which has been shown to improve retention of information, enhance critical thinking skills, and consolidate learning. For that reason, small group teaching will be part of your geology course. You'll be assigned your own tutor and meet with him or her twice a month with several other students. 

There will be a number of prescribed pieces of work to do, such as a report and a presentation. In addition, your tutor will plan activities and local fieldtrips related to your studies. You can also ask your tutor to run a tutorial on a subject or skill you want to spend a bit more time on.

Some tutorials will be led by other members of the department, by Student Development, and by the Library. Lectures by visiting academics and industry professionals will help keep you up to date with current trends in geology and provide career planning advice.

Topics covered

  • Writing reports using a high standard of English
  • Critical use of books, journals, and internet-based sources
  • Manipulating and presenting data in Excel
  • Preparing and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations
  • Reviewing your personal skills


  • 5 hours of lectures
  • 12 hours of seminars
  • 4 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 10 hours of tutorials
  • 8 hours of fieldwork
  • 111 hours of guided independent study


  • Presentation (30%)
  • Report (70%)