Creative Dissertation

Module code: EN7044

This module represents your opportunity to research and write an independent, sustained and major piece of Creative Writing, with the advice and guidance of an individual supervisor. It is the culmination of your MA course. It counts for 60 credits of the course.

You will have the chance to meet regularly with your individual supervisor; and s/he can advise on ideas, research and drafts. The Dissertation period is normally from Spring to late Summer. You can write in any form in which you've had prior experience: prose (fiction or non-fiction), poetry, scripts (theatre, radio, screenplay), new media or a mixture of these.


  • 5 hours of project supervision
  • 595 hours of guided independent study


  • Creative Writing Dissertation, 12,000 words of prose or 20-30 pages of poetry or script (70%)
  • Reflective commentary, 3,000 words (30%)