Slang and the WWW

Module code: EN3127

Module co-ordinator: Professor Julie Coleman

In this module you will learn about methodologies, both traditional and modern, used by dictionary writers. We will explore the decision-making processes involved in producing an online slang dictionary: defining, illustrating and categorising slang terms. We will examine the differences between slang, cant, dialect and colloquialisms; you will then combine your lexicographic and computing skills to produce your own online slang dictionary, justifying your criteria for the inclusion and exclusion of terms.

Topics covered

  • History of the English slang dictionary
  • Relationships between different registers of English
  • Contents of slang dictionaries
  • Shape of dictionary entries
  • Production of web pages
  • Contemporary slang




    • An original online slang dictionary of at least 100 entries with appropriate explanatory material (100%)