Advanced Electronically Controlled Drives

Module code: EG7035

Part A – High Power Circuits

The application of thyristors and GTOs in three phase ac regulators, phase controlled rectifiers, line commutated inverters and pwm inverters. Appropriate analysis for phase angle control, pwm pattern generation for harmonic minimization. The dc link converter, current and voltage-fed types, bi-directional power flow. Use of modern devices, IGBTs and MOSFETs.

Part B – Electric Motor Drives

To study the application of high power semiconductors to the control of electrical machines. Speed and torque control of dc and ac motors. Stator and rotor control of induction motors. Generation and braking. Flux vector control. Control of dc machines, brushless dc motors, stepper motors and switched reluctance motors. Design of low cost electronically controlled drives for high volume manufacture.


  • 22 hours of lectures
  • 128 hours of guided independent study


  •  Exam, two hours (100%)