Radio Systems

Module code: EG7021

A range of radio system applications will be examined in this course, concentrating on the areas of communications, radar, remote sensing and navigation. International regulation of radio spectrum usage will also be considered.

A wide range of topics will be included to give a broad appreciation of the applications of radio systems. Several topics will be covered in depth, examining both the propagation mechanisms and the system techniques. Specifically, the following areas will be addressed:
  • Communications: Personal communications, broadcast systems, point-to-point and network systems channel evaluation, frequency management, equalisation, security;
  • Target location: Line of sight radar, over the horizon (OTH) radar, direction finding, stealthing;
  • Remote sensing: Satellite-to-ground radar, meteorological radar, ionosondes (vertical and oblique);
  • Navigation: Global positioning system (GPS), phase interference systems (e.g. Omega);
  • Regulation: International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and national legislation.


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 12 hours of practicals
  • 118 hours of guided independent study


  • Exam, two hours (70%)
  • Coursework (30%)