International Security Risks

Module code: CR7586

Module co-ordinator: Dr Eleanor Gordon

This module addresses some of the key international security threats associated with conflict-affected or conflict-vulnerable countries, while being critically attentive to the academic literature which questions the often obscure economic and political dimensions of intervention and international development. Of the many security risks that are posed by countries emerging from conflict, this module analyses the impact on the stability of neighbouring and regional countries. This module also considers the nature, extent and threat of cross-border and organised crime, including the trafficking of drugs, weapons and humans. You will examine the humanitarian crises that are often associated with conflict and immediate post-conflict environments, particularly large-scale refugee flows. You will analyse the developmental and environmental harm as well as the economic costs of conflict. The nature and threat of terrorism and piracy, and efforts to counter those threats, will also be considered.

Topics covered

  • Global Risks
  • Migration
  • Terrorism
  • Piracy
  • Organised Crime
  • Climate Change


This module is studied by distance learning and will include:

  • reading course materials
  • reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • independent study
  • written assignment


  • E-tivity (20%)
  • Written paper, 3,500 words (80%)