Managing Security and Risk in Healthcare Settings

Module code: CR3516

Module co-ordinator: Anne Esposito

This module explores the kinds of external and internal threats that are posed to organisations that provide healthcare, most particularly hospitals and secure facilities. Consideration will be given to the particular risk and security issues that are generated in healthcare settings in relation to, for example:

  • the use and storage of sensitive data
  • the offences committed by employees from unlawful homicide to the theft of drugs and hospital property
  • the assaults on staff and premises carried out by service users
  • responding to and managing a diverse population of service users which includes the physically and mentally impaired, the vulnerable, and the dangerous.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to healthcare
  • Security in the healthcare setting
  • Healthcare security risk assessment
  • Prevention and management


150 hours (over the course of  12 weeks) to include:

  • reading course materials
  • reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • independent study
  • writing the module assignment


  • Written assignment, 3,500 words (100%)