Risk and Global Security

Module code: CR3503

Module co-ordinator: Anne Esposito

This module introduces you to the key theoretical and contemporary debates in the field of sociology of risk and related issues of globalisation and insecurity. Risk is a highly prevalent concept within contemporary debates on crime, public order, security and insecurity. The development of risk within policing discourse is outlined, along with the emergence of the new classifications of risk. Consideration is given to the relationships between risk, risk perception and risk management in the context of media and mass communications and, finally, to the distinct development associated with globalisation, namely, the rapid expansion in the provision of private security and private military services.

Topics covered

  • Introducing the sociology of risk and the idea of a ‘risk society’
  • The evolving context of criminology and risk
  • Outsourcing global security
  • Rethinking security: challenges and responses


150 hours (over the course of 12 weeks) to include:

  • reading course materials
  • reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • independent study
  • writing the module assignment


  • Critical writing exercise, 1,500 words (30%)
  • Essay, 2,500 words (70%)