Understanding Leadership and Management

Module code: CR1513

Module co-ordinator: Tracey Dodman

In this module you will study management and leadership functions in contemporary organisations as well as the different processes that underpin them. After considering the difference between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’, we will explore effective leadership, including the traditional and contemporary theories that have been produced for explaining the factors that influence successful leadership practices. Motivation is a crucial factor within leadership activities - so we will consider the complex nature of motivation, the underlying academic theories and how leaders can influence other people’s motivation within an organisational context.

We will look at decision making within the context of management and the different factors that affect how decisions are made, their implementation and their likely success or failure. However, management could also be considered as a control function so we will examine how control is achieved and different sources of power that managers can draw upon in realising goals and objectives, such as rewards, structure and culture.

Topics covered

  • Management and leadership
  • Management and motivation
  • Management and decision making
  • Management power and control


This module is studied by distance learning. 


  • Professional and Personal Development Planning exercise (5%)
  • Essay, 3,000 words (95%)