Introduction to Security and Risk

Module code: CR1511

Module co-ordinator: Tracey Dodman

In this introductory module you will look at the key concepts associated with security, risk and management, exploring the complex interrelationship between security, risk and health and safety, including the problems of defining each of these areas. We will cover some basic management concepts including planning, organising, leading and controlling. By tracing key stages in the development of public policing in the UK and the emergence of private security, we will locate private security in its wider context.

Topics covered

  • Security, risk, health and safety
  • Understanding leadership and management
  • Policing and security: historical links
  • Study skills


This module is studied by distance learning.


  • Essay, 2,000 words (50%)
  • Library search and referencing exercise (25%)
  • Essay planning exercise (25%)