Software Engineering Project

Module code: CO2201
Module co-ordinator: TBC

In this module, you will:

  • Demonstrate, according to a teamwork description, the elicitation and specification of functional and nonfunctional requirements for a medium-size software system; design, validation and verification of an object-oriented system; construction and testing of specific modules of the system; documentation and demonstration of the system. Critically assess the software life cycle in terms of general quality attributes and viable trade-offs presented within the given problem
  • Manage learning and development including time management and organisational skills as the foundation of on-going professional development, and work effectively as part of a team, applying appropriate practices within a professional, legal, ethical and sustainable framework. Develop an inclusive and sensitive approach to group work. Solve complex problems throughout the management and execution of the project, and allocate resources appropriately, also undertaking risk assessments
  • Conduct significant background research; retrieve information and data from different sources and in different formats and manage it effectively; work with uncertain, limited and possibly contradictory information; communicate in electronic as well as written and oral form
  • Specify appropriate security requirements; formulate and apply suitable tests to assess the security of their software in relation to its requirements
  • Employ a configuration management system effectively; schedule and manage a variant of the Unified Process for software development


  • 20 hours of lectures
  • 10 hours of tutorials
  • 20 hours of supervised time in lab/studio/workshop
  • 250 hours of guided independent study


  • Coursework (100%)