Greek and Latin Language for Ancient History (Diploma Level)

Module code: AH2554

You will take this module if you are studying for a BA (or Certificate or Diploma) in Archaeology and decide you would like to transfer to the BA (or Diploma) in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology.

In this module we will examine the role that writing played in the Classical World and the importance of studying ancient languages as one way to know about ancient civilisations. You will learn basic Greek and Latin language skills, particularly those necessary for studying ancient history and Classical archaeology. You will also study the processes and issues involved with translating ancient texts and learn how to apply these to their own analysis of original texts.


This module is studied distance learning Teaching materials will include a workbook, a Greek language textbook, a Latin language textbook and materials on Blackboard.


  • Essay, 1,500 words (70%)
  • Source commentary, 3,000 words (30%)

Before submitting your written assignment, you will need to complete a series of self-checked quizzes on Blackboard.