A safe home from home

Alongside our new approach to learning with ignite, we’re also changing the way we offer and manage our accommodation to ensure that all our students are kept safe while still being able to study and socialise.

Find out more about our new flexible contracts and additional measures, that will allow you to stay safe whilst still being able meet new friends, enjoy activities and make the most of our amazing range of accommodation locations - from the vintages properties of The Village to The City apartment blocks.

Contracts available

To make things easier during this time, we have developed a range of accommodation contracts.
  • Terms 2 and 3 contract: From the Christmas break to the summer vacation (including the Easter break).
  • Full year contract: 39 weeks in The Village, or 42 weeks in The City. (A 52-week contract in The City is available for postgraduate students only.)
  • Weekly contract: Where we have space available, and taking into account social distancing, we will offer week-by-week contracts. We will provide one set of bedding, a towel and basic kitchen equipment which you can use during your stay and you will have access to our cleaning and laundry facilities. 

Live and Learn Bubbles

When you move into your accommodation, the other students sharing space (kitchen/bathroom) with you will become your new bubble.

Where possible you'll be matched with students on the same course, allowing you to create a new household where there are no requirements for social distancing.

You and your flatmates will be able to travel, study, eat, socialise, play sport or exercise, and shop in the city together with no social distancing.

Communal spaces

All our accommodation buildings have signposted hand-wash facilities and hygiene information.

We have sanitiser dispensers and touchpoint wiping stations in all accommodation entrances and communal areas.

We will clean lifts daily. The maximum number of people per lift has been reduced with notices on each floor and floor marking in the lift itself to make this clear. There are wiping stations on the ground floor of each building. Remember that there are also stairs!

When post arrives for you, we will send you an email. You will be able to collect it from reception in a safe, contactless way. There are Amazon lockers in The Village and the Students’ Union.


Our Residence Life team will provide virtual check-ins as well as their usual face-to-face catch ups.

All University buildings and accommodation have 24/7 Security support.

An easy way for students to access help is through the Safezone app. Location settings allow us to find you quickly should you need help. We also monitor key routes between and around our buildings to keep you safe when travelling to and from campus.


Arriving safely in accommodation

Moving-in day can be chaotic and busy so you will be given an arrival slot to move in, and you will only be able to bring one other person with you. This person will not be able to enter your accommodation block, but will be able to help you unload to the front door.

Sanitised trolleys, wipe stations and handwashing and sanitiser stations to keep you and others safe. We will provide you with a face covering and a mini hand sanitiser.

Social distancing and events

Our Welcome Talks will be live and virtual, with a virtual meet and greet for the Residential Advisers (RAs) in each hall.

We are organising a mix of safe social distance events and virtual events throughout term so you'll be able to enjoy a range of activities. Events calendars for each site will be published before term starts. Available facilities will be bookable in advance.

COVID-19 screening

We are screening all students and staff for COVID-19 as part of plans to keep the campus and wider community safe. The tests will look to detect the presence of the virus in people without symptoms, and so prevent its spread. We are one of just a few universities in the country to run the scheme, utilising our own pioneering research.

Testing will not be compulsory for students but we will be encouraging you take part in the screening if you study on campus and/or live in our halls of residence. Screening will take place in the Adrian Building on main campus and in Stamford Court in The Village accommodation.

If a member of staff or a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be asked to follow Government guidelines for self-isolation and those within their ‘bubble’ will be immediately tested and provided with assistance.


If you have travelled from outside the UK and have to go into quarantine, for that period we will put you in a flat with other students who travelled with you (no more than three students per flat).

We will keep in touch regularly to check everything is okay. We will ensure that you have access to food, bedding, toiletries etc. No-one will enter your flat during your quarantine period, except for emergencies.

After your quarantine period, you'll be able to move into regular accommodation with other students.

  • All the information on this page is of course subject to any changes in Government rules and guidelines. If you have an enquiry regarding our accommodation, please contact accommodation@le.ac.uk