Doctor's Bag 2021

We know that applying to medical school can be complicated and you may have a lot of questions. On this page, we’ve brought together information and resources to help you find out more about our medical courses here at Leicester, and the application process.

We run two courses at Leicester Medical School - the 5-year MBChB, and the 6-year Medicine with Foundation Year

MBChB (A100)

Intercalating Opportunities

Medicine with a Foundation Year (A199)

Life as a medical student - further resources

Below are some links and resources that give a bit more insight into life as a medical student at Leicester.

  • Check out the videos on the ‘Medicine and Life Sciences’ channel on our On Demand platform
  • Reflective practice is a key to being a successful doctor or healthcare practitioner. Dr Jane Goodfellow explains why and how to develop your skills.
  • At Leicester Medical School, we focus on developing empathic and compassionate doctors. Dr Rachel Winter reveals the importance of empathy in medical practice.
  • Dr Steve Jacques explains what happens in our Dissection Room (360 video).
  • Listen and subscribe to the regular Hippocampus podcast, run by Dr Lisa Quinn and current Leicester medical students. It features discussions about life at medical school and guest interviews. You can also follow them on Instagram.