FAQs for teachers and advisers

Will students have the choice of attending virtually or physically (if they are of higher risk, for example)?

Students who are shielding or at higher risk will have the choice of attending sessions virtually. If students are not able to attend face-to-face events, they should make their School aware of this.

Some elements of courses with practical classes and/or professional accreditation may require students to attend face-to-face teaching. In these cases, we will work with the student to ensure that we have the right support package in place.

Will students who experience financial hardship receive help and support in virtual delivery, such as help towards costs of laptops/tablets?

Yes, the University has extensive hardship fund provision and is also extending its loan laptop scheme to support students who are not able to provide their own equipment.

How will students who have caring responsibilities be supported?

The dual delivery approach of ignite will offer more flexibility than ever before and support our students to manage their responsibilities while engaging with their learning.

Student Support Services offers dedicated support to students with caring responsibilities, including advice and guidance on finance and study arrangements.

I have students who will be staying at home but do not have access to the internet - will they receive any help if they are not able to use computers on campus?

The University will do its best to make reasonable adjustments for students not able to access the internet from home, including the provision of equipment in some cases. However, the normal expectation is that students are able to access the internet.