FAQs about fees

Can I pay a lower fee if I am studying online only via distance learning?

The UK Government has made clear that all UK universities should continue to charge full fees for their mainstream provision in 2020/21, because the quality of the learning and teaching experience is still being delivered, albeit through digital rather than face-to-face methods in some cases.

Our ignite programmes are campus-based programmes which are having to make use of online learning to replace some face-to-face learning because of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, and are therefore subject to this Government requirement.

Our distance learning courses are structured and delivered very differently from our ignite programmes. Distance learning courses are mainly delivered as part-time courses and student eligibility for SLC tuition fee and maintenance loan is therefore very different.

Will my fees be discounted?

Tuition fees will not be affected and will be charged in the normal way in accordance with the latest guidance from the Department for Education. Tuition will continue to be delivered in full through a blend of digital and campus modes.

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Why should I pay full price for accommodation/tuition when I am only attending a few hours a week? I’ll just do a distance learning course instead.

We have introduced flexible accommodation packages which you can tailor to your study needs - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Although the course is being delivered in a blended learning mode, this does not mean it is of lower quality.

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