FAQs about course structure

Can I study online only in Semester One 2020/21?

Our Ignite programme offers as much face-to-face teaching time as we are able to, whilst still adhering to Government Guidelines on social distancing. Whilst this might be limited to small group teaching only initially, we would expect the amount of face-to-face teaching to increase as the year continues and as social distancing measures are relaxed.

All students are normally expected to attend campus for their Ignite programmes, to gain the benefit of face-to-face delivery, social interaction in an educational setting, and to take advantage of the wider student experience opportunities available on campus. Some elements of courses with practical classes and/or professional accreditation may require students to attend face-to-face teaching.

However, we understand that in some exceptional cases, students may not be able to travel to campus due to Covid-19 restrictions.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be largely via electronic submission through our learning management systems. Your assessment will consist of a blend of traditional coursework such as essays, reports and short answer questions, and online exams, tests and exercises. Some courses will retain or re-introduce some traditional, formal examinations when conditions allow.

Similarly, assessments based on presentations or discussions may be online or in person, as conditions allow.

Most courses have a substantial and important element of assessment in later years based on a dissertation or scientific project, where appropriate.

Many science courses will also contain laboratory-based practical assessments. For some of our courses, there may also be assessments based on your year abroad or in industry.

How will exams be held?

Most exams in the 2020/21 academic year are likely to be online.

When taking online exams, students are set a paper and given a set time in which to complete and submit their answers. The time set to submit answers varies according to the course and piece of assessment. Some courses will retain or re-introduce some traditional, formal examinations when conditions allow.

How will lab sessions be held?

This will vary from subject to subject. In some cases labs may continue if it is possible to ensure appropriate social distancing, in other cases there may be digital replacement, or deferral to semester two.

All in-person laboratory sessions will be held with social distancing measures in place as well as extra safety measures. Some laboratory sessions, or elements of them, may be moved online in the form of interactive analysis exercises. Other elements of laboratory work may be run remotely, using a variety of technologies.

If I decide to drop out after the first term what will happen? Can I defer/get a refund?

The University's normal refund policy will apply. You can find out more information about withdrawing from your studies.

How many hours of contact time will I have per week?

All of our subject areas are putting together carefully planned blended delivery programmes. Contact time will remain equivalent to standard campus-based programmes, but not all of this will be face-to-face on campus. Your contact time will include online lectures, which you can watch and re-watch at your own convenience and some face-to-face sessions where social distancing and safety guidelines make this possible. We will also use appropriate technology/ our virtual learning environment to provide you with online tutorials, live Q & A sessions, tutor-led discussion boards and other guided activities, depending on the course you are studying.

Will all courses be ‘dual delivery’?

Dual Delivery is a blended approach to providing education which combines face-to-face, on campus study, with online learning; whilst adhering to Government guidelines on social distancing. All of our courses will be dual delivery. We have long-standing expertise in both campus-based and distance learning, and dual delivery will offer you the best of both.

Will dual delivery affect courses such as ODP, Physio, Nursing, Midwifery, etc. and their placements?

All courses in the Allied Health Professions are subject to strong accreditation conditions, which include very clear requirements on placement work and other activities.

Many courses require in-person placements as an inherent part of the qualification. We will work with all of the appropriate professional bodies to ensure all quality standards are upheld, while ensuring the safety of our students.

Placements will still be made available to students on these programmes, and will be risk-assessed to ensure they comply to any restrictions brought about because of the coronavirus pandemic. There may be some changes to placement locations and patterns to accommodate the new requirements.

Will physical delivery be compulsory?

 We aim to provide as much flexibility as possible for our students, without losing the face-to-face element of our teaching. Some courses, particularly lab-based science courses, may have some elements of the course that require face-to-face teaching and this will take place observing social distancing requirements.

If students are not able to attend face-to-face events, they should make their School aware of this.

Will all departments offer ‘dual delivery’? How will it work with practical subjects, such as the sciences?

All our courses will be dual delivery, using a blend of face-to-face and online teaching during semester one. For practical subjects, such as the science and engineering, some elements of the course will require face-to-face teaching sessions such as limited laboratory sessions - these may go ahead, be moved to semester two or be replaced with digital alternatives. Please contact your school for further information.

All in-person laboratory sessions will be held with social distancing measures in place. These sessions will run as normal, but with extra safety measures in place for our students and staff.

Will there be regular contact with a personal tutor?

Supporting you in your studies is key to the educational approach of the University of Leicester. Your personal tutor will be available on campus and/or online, as appropriate to suit your needs at the time.

Will my degree certificate say distance learning?

Successful completion of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme with us whatever your mode of study - fully online, campus-based with substantial online elements (known as blended or dual-mode learning), or fully campus-based, face-to-face learning - culminate in an academic award (e.g. a BA, BSc, MA or MSc) from the University of Leicester. Degree certificates do not indicate the mode of study you have followed.

My course has a year abroad, will this still take place?

For those courses where a trip overseas is required we will make the decision based on the UK Government advice, as well as that of the Government for the outbound country of travel, in line with our respective guidance and policies for travel.

My course has a placement, will this still take place?

The University is committed to ensuring that placements continue wherever possible. We will ensure that external organisations, where the placement is to take place, are fully risk assessed. In some cases, where a physical placement cannot take place, we will work to provide a virtual placement

My course has a field trip in Semester 1, will this still take place?

Unfortunately all field trips during Semester 1 have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The University are currently reviewing the arrangements for field trips planned for Semester 2. More information will be available about this when a decision has been made.

My course has a field trip in Semester 2, will this still take place?

The University are currently reviewing the arrangements for field trips planned for Semester 2. More information will be available about this when a decision has been made.

How many hours will there be online and how many hours will there be of actual contact time?

The benefit of ignite is that it is designed to support your individual needs and those of the course you are studying as well as being able to react to any changes regarding the global management of COVID-19.

Therefore no person or course will be the same. However, you will be guaranteed the same high quality of delivery of teaching, and one that is in line with regulations for UK higher education.

Will my qualification still be recognised in my home country?

The degree will be regarded as a standard UK/British undergraduate/postgraduate qualification as it will be run as an enhanced blended programme.

When will the University start to offer face to face teaching again?

The University is making plans for study to resume on campus in September 2020, as part of the ignite learning approach. However, this remains subject to UK Government safety guidelines.

Will I be able to study just online if I cannot attend as an international applicant?

Whilst we understand things may be difficult for international students, our ignite programme will be in line with UKVI requirements. We are also offering January starts for our postgraduate programmes, enabling students to defer their studies.

We believe that all of our students will benefit from, and enjoy the combined on-campus and online learning experience that ignite offers, we will therefore not be making the first semester online only.

Can I opt for 100% online rather than ‘dual delivery’?

Ignite is our new campus-based offer. All programmes will run in this way for semester one, 2020. Ignite delivers a blended learning approach which aims to give you as much of a campus experience as possible, supported with online delivery. However, if you are shielding or self-isolating we will make sure you don't miss out. You can get in touch to discuss your personal circumstances with admissions@leicester.ac.uk

If students are interested in undertaking Distance Learning course, we have long-standing experience of delivering Distance Learning programmes which are taught entirely online, this option wouldn't replace our ignite offer and would be a different programme. Find out more about distance learning on our website.

Is there a discount for studying online?

We are experienced in delivering high quality education both online and on campus. Whilst we know that there are likely to be restrictions on large group teaching, such as lectures, next year we will be aiming to give you as much of a campus experience as possible.

With the development of ignite, we will be enhancing many aspects of our campus-based programmes, bringing new flexibility, new ways to learn and new ways to engage.

We are planning for all of our campus services and facilities to be delivered on-campus or online and we are committed to delivering the highest quality of educational experience. We have a wide range of scholarships and bursaries available and you can visit our scholarship pages for more information. Tuition fees will be maintained as currently published.

Can I defer to January instead?/Will you offer a January intake?

We have created a portfolio of PGT subjects for January start dates, but our undergraduate remain as September start dates.

Can I defer to next year instead?

Whilst applicants (with the exception of medicine) can take the option of deferring for 12 months, we believe that ignite will provide the benefits of study on campus along with a safe and secure online offer that will not disadvantage any student. We would encourage everyone to start their path into transformative higher education as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact admissions@leicester.ac.uk

Can I start the course in my own country and then join once the campus is open?

We would want all our students to benefit from the combination of online and on-campus learning approach that ignite allows. The University’s campus-based taught Ignite degree programmes will be full-time dual delivery in 2020/21. The University’s expectation is that international students will start their studies in the UK and attend in accordance with the expectations of their programme. However, in exceptional circumstances new international students may be offered the option to study semester one online in the first instance, if they are unable or unwilling to travel to the UK due to Covid-19. Students would be required to make a request for exemption, explaining their exceptional circumstances to their academic School which, if it is able to support the request, will be forwarded to the Academic Registrar for consideration and approval.

Will your courses be running normally in Jan/Sep 2021?

Courses will be delivered through the Dual Delivery model described above. The terms dates are:

Term/Semester Dates

Term One

28 September 2020 - 18 December 2020

Term Two

11 January 2021 - 31 March 2021

Term Three

3 May 2021* - 11 June 2021

Semester One

28 September 2020 - 17 January 2021

Semester Two

18 January 2021 - 11 June 2021

Will the course duration change?

No, normal term dates will apply.

Term/Semester Dates

Term One

28 September 2020 - 18 December 2020

Term Two

11 January 2021 - 31 March 2021

Term Three

3 May 2021 - 11 June 2021

Semester One

28 September 2020 - 17 January 2021

Semester Two

18 January 2021 - 11 June 2021

I can’t afford a laptop; how will I be able to learn at university?

The University has created a specific digital hardship fund to support students in technology training and infrastructure.

When do we get our university email?

Your University IT account, including your University email address, will be created up to 24 hours after you register for your course. You will receive an email to confirm when it is ready to use.

You will set a password as the final step of registration. Ensure you remember your password, so that you can use your University IT account, email and calendar.